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The Grape Varieties in Wren Estate – Heathcote Marsanne

Marsanne and Marsanne Historical Background

Marsanne is one of the world’s rarest white grape varieties with its origins in the Northern Rhone & Hermitage regions of France, it is grown in few new regions countries including Australia, America and Switzerland. It arrived in Yarra Valley via the Swiss retinue of the first Governor of Victoria in the late 1860s and flourished in Victorian vineyards ever since. 

Marsanne only takes up roots in regions where the weather is warm and dry. The rocky, hillside soils and dry climates add smooth texture and chubbiness to the Marsanne wine. It matches a food with gamey meats, such as duck, scallops and lobsters as they mirror the characteristics of the wine.

Marsanne Characteristics

Marsanne is made for your wine cellar and has a huge aging potential compare to many other white wine varieties, it will improve distinctly over time.When young, Marsanne is light straw-green with the taste of luscious ripe pear characters supported by a whisper of spicy oak, and excellent mid-palate richness.

After aging, it will develop a beautiful golden colour, complex and reveal its distinctive melon and mineral flavors, honeysuckle fragrance and a characteristic nuttiness. Together, they offer a sensory experience like no other in the wine world.

Marsanne in Wren Estate


Here in Wren Estate, we produce two wonderful wine made from Marsanne, S.R.M. and Wren Estate Marsanne. S.R.M in Wren Estate is an innovative blend from the 3 classical Rhone Valley (France) varieties – Shiraz/Roussanne/Marsanne. The Northern Rhone will feature wines with these three varieties and produce wines of great interest, as the Roussanne and Marsanne are white grape varieties. Shiraz supports the body and texture while Marsanne and Roussanne, offer more of the complexity to the wine and help to balance the whole structure through their unique minerality and beautiful acidity. 


Wren Estate Marsanne is the only white wine we make in Wren Estate where the climatic environment surprisingly contributes to the growth of Marsanne, thereby embedding the richness and attractiveness of the environment to the wine itself. It‘s a pale straw-green colour, and a complex of pear, apple, citrus and fruit spice coming together to the nose. While almost as same fruit characteristics as the nose feel, the wine is chalky and juicy on the palate. It’s relatively high in acidity, dry and light style, fragrant, clean and lime citric. Perfectly pairing with umami taste, such as mussels and fresh seafood, it’s so enjoyable especially in summer.

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