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The Grape Varieties In Wren Estate – Heathcote Roussanne

Roussanne and Historical Background

Roussanne is a white wine grape grown originally from the northern Rhône Valley in France and it was first brought into Australia in the early 19th century, and flourish in the region of Victoria.


However, Roussanne isn’t an easy vine to grow. It requires warm, sunny conditions to ripen. Without that climate, the grape cannot achieve phenolic ripeness and instead, can easily develop mildew or rot. The grape does best in areas with a long and consistent growing season and It is usually one of the last varieties to ripen in the vineyard.

Roussanne characteristics 

If you like to drink white wines with a rich, satisfying texture, this is a variety you must try.

Wines produced from Roussanne are normally quite rich and can even develop a silky, exotic, oily texture, that offers pungent perfume featuring scents of fresh flowers, peaches, herbs, roasted nuts and hints of pepper. 

They are best enjoyed either within the first few years of bottling or after they have been cellared for 15 to 20 years. During the in-between period, the wines are closed down and their flavors and aromatics are difficult to find. An aged Roussanne can be enhanced with a cheese board with some hard cheese, an aromatic soft cheese and a generous dab of quince paste.

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