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The Grape Varieties in Wren Estate – Heathcote Malbec

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Malbec Historical Background

Malbec is richly grown in Mendoza in Argentina and Cahors in southwestern France. It is also widely planted in the Cotes de Bourg and Blaye regions of Bordeaux in France. It is one of the six major grape varieties in Bordeaux.

Malbec characteristics

Malbec wines are dark in color, dense in texture and well-proportioned in structure. When young, they exude the aroma of black fruits, revealing the fragrance of ripe plums and dried plums. Aged Malbec will present the deep flavors of black pepper, chocolate, leather, and coffee.

Malbec’s tasting notes changes with climate. In hot regions, Malbec has a black cherry or raspberry taste. In warm regions, Malbec has a raspberry and plum taste. In cooler regions, Malbec can have blackberry flavours

In terms of food pairing, Malbec pairs well with red meat and blue cheese. For example, Malbec holds up well with dark meat poultry, roasted pork, and leaner cuts of red meat. For veggie lovers using mock-meats, be sure to use mushrooms, mushroom powder or even cumin to amp up your experience drinking Malbec. Malbec can also be paired with dark chocolate which elevates the natural fruit notes within the grape’s aromas.

Heathcote Malbec in Wren Estate


Heathcote Malbec is grown in a warmer climate compared with yarra valley or mornington, the wine style emerges as fuller bodied, with more black fruit characters, like soft plum and mulberry, and a lingering finish.

MMS is the Malbec in Wren Estate. It is a blend of Malbec/Merlot/Shiraz. It’s NOT often to see the 3 varieties together in the same bottle, but when they are blended together, magic happens. The Malbec brings wonderful perfume and prettiness in the bottle, while Merlot brings in beautiful juiciness and gives support to the body structure, and finally our popular Shiraz gives the concentration and makes it more enjoyable. It’s the wine that you should not miss out in Wren Estate.

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